Services / Specialties

We specialize in a wide range of technology.

Full Web Design & Development

Full Stack Developing HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Node.js

Cyber Security

From malware, to penetration testing, to forensics we do it all. Protect & safe guard against cyber attacks. Physical & Remote Access Penetration Testing.

Cloud Computing

Reduce your IT costs, increse your flexablity and Join the trend, start making the switch to Cloud computing.

Regular Content Updates

We are constantly creating software and security updates making sure you always have the best & most secure technology.

Web & Mobile Apps

We build extensive mobile apps to boost your profits and to connect you better with your customers.

E-Commerce Online Shops

Take your business online with an E-Commerce Shop. We build comprehensive front & back end technology to help grow your business

Network Engineering

We setup, develop & maintain large networks for organizations. We maximise network performance, design and implement new solutions, configure routing & firewalls.

Tech Support

Best in Class phone & onsite tech support.

Full Time - Security Admin

Local or remote 24/7 Threat Protection & Traffic Monitoring- Safe guarding against cyber security attacks, & Educating your employees of best security practices.